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Dragon Nest Sea - [T4] Thou Shall Not Escape – El Pvp Guide By Sakasen

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Thou shall not Escape – EL PVP Guide von Sakasen steht unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung-Nicht-kommerziell-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported Lizenz.
Added to MMOsite Build Collection :)

T4 brought a lot of Changes For Elemental Lords, the Key factor have been moved. This Skillbuild contains the important Changes as well as some Combos how to survive.

*NOTICE: This refers to Dragon Nest Sea – but you can use the additional SP on other versions on skills, that you want to improve.

Dragon Nest SEA – [T4] Beaten Through Space And Time – Fu Guide By Sakasen

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[T4] Beaten through Space and Time – FU Guide von Sakasen steht unter einer CreativeCommons Namensnennung-Nicht-kommerziell-Weitergabe unter gleichenBedingungen 3.0 Unported Lizenz.
Added to MMOsite Build Collection :)

T4 brought a lot of Changes for Force Users, so thsi contains the new Builds for T4. Changes and important Skills will be explained as well as the Item/Suffix Choice.

*NOTICE: This refers to Dragon Nest Sea– but you can use the additional SP on other versions on skills,that you want to improve.

  • General Basics (Skill Explanation & Skill Chaining & Suffix & Potentials)
  • Skillpanel
  • Crest & Suffixes & Potentials
  • Playstyle against each Class
  • GvG Preperations
  •    PvP Build for Level 50
  •     PvM Build for Level 50
  • Videos & any other business

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA – MorgeStern's Comprehensive Guide on Priests


You decided to become a Priest, one of the most versatile classes in the game. Congratulations!

Priest is the supporting Character of this game.  Priest will always support in teamplay, let it be by Relics, by healing or dishing out some extra DPS. Priests Branch off into 2 different Classes: Inquisitor, The DPS or Saint, The supporter. I do want to note that there are many different kinds of Inquisitors and/ or Saints and you can fill that job in with the idea that you have. Priests are known for Poledancing, Buffing and Zapping away. The advantages that Poledancing and Buffing give, is that you are a Wanted class for Nesting and the one supportive thing that Sets Paladins and Priests apart is that Priests have a Secondary Healing skill namely Healing Relic. Priest also has good defense, hp and mp , Making them durable and possibly even tankers.

However, aside of those advantages,Priests also have weaknesses. They are Slow and have low Superarmour. A priest focussing on DPS will never have the same DPS that for instance a Damage Dealing class like Sorcerer or Archer has. So Overall there arent that many disadvantages.
From the explanation above, let me translate them into the pros and cons of a Priest:

(+) Pros:
  • Priest is a Support class of the game.
  • Priest has many Buffs and 2 good heal skills.
  • Priest has a very big MP mod, defense and magic defense. Decent HP stat, not as good as Paladin.
  • Priest is a very good choice of class in a long run nest because of its high survivability, good HP/MP Mods and supportability. 
  • Priest's Smallscale offensive spells have a low cooldown, bigger ones like Bind Relic and Holyburst have a longer cooldown.
  • Priest has powerful buffs to increase Defense, Lightattack and Magic/ Physical attackpower making them a wanted party class.         
  • Priest is known for  Poledancing in PVP. They Protect members in their team with healing/cure relics. While annoying and harrassing the opponents with Lightning Poles, Lightning skills. They can even snatch a fair amount of kills this way.                             

Dragon Nest SEA – Shiba's Comprehensive Guide on Paladins

The Second Edition of Shiba's Comprehensive Guide on Paladins

i. Versions

v.1. Shiba's Comprehesnive Guide on Paladins has been made and posted.
v.1.1. Added Equipments and Heraldries section.
v.1.2. Added the PVP section.
v.2 Guide has been remade with few changes; layout, title signature, grammar corrections, more details, more pictures but has not been completed yet.
v.2.1 Revamped the whole guide with indexes for easier search!
v.3 Changed the guide's title, aim and purpose.
v.4 Changed the title more. There're already a guide using similar name in Nexon forums.

ii. Table of Contents
i. Versions
ii. Table of Contents
I. Forewords
II. Cleric
II.a. Introduction on Cleric
II.b. Cleric's Skills
II.c. Cleric's Builds
II.d. Choosing a Weapon as a Cleric
II.e. Cleric Stat Weights
III. Paladin
III.a Introduction on Paladin
III.b. Paladin Skills
 III.c. Important Stats and Potentials for Paladin
III.d. Paladin Builds
 III.e. Paladin PVP Tips
III.f. Paladin Gears and Heraldries.
III.e. Skill and Enhancement Heraldries
IV. Guardian and Crusader (Tertiary Jobs)
IV.a Introduction
IV.b Tertiary Skills
 IV.c Tertiary Builds

Dragon Nest SEA – Bishop Nest Normal Mode Guide by v2seraph

Dragon Nest Bishop Nest Normal Mode Guide by v2seraph

Stage 1- Corrupted Shaman

Easiest stage of all. Kill all the mobs and wait for the Archbishop to suck the life force of the Shaman. 

Boss' attack pattern
1) Summon a mini black hole that sucks player in, explodes shortly afterwards.
- Just keep running will do.

2) 4 pillars around the Shaman turn black, a huge black magic circle appear on ground. 
- Stay outside of the circle and you wont take any damage.
* Damage ignores invulnerable skills such as Avatar, Triangle Shot....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA – PVP Level 40 Bow Master Skill Build

Bow Masters have the highest critical rate/resist due to their high natural Agility, which is their main stat. This build makes use of the Bow Master’s long range and high critical rate that is good for PVP.
Archer skill tree:
  • Twin Shot – Level up to 14
  • Piercing Shot – Level up to 5
  • Tumble – Level to max
  • Power Tumble – Level up to 4
  • Aerial Evasion – Level up to 3
  • Health Bolster – Level up to 3
  • Mental Fortitude – Level up to 2

Dragon Nest SEA – Bow Master Guide

This is a guide for the Archer class in Dragon Nest. Having the highest critical rate and resist because of having a naturally high Agility, the Bowmaster can be a formidable opponent in PVP. Making use of her vast range, she hits opponents from afar and can be safe from danger. PVE wise, the Bowmaster can initially snipe mobs from where they stand.